The main event of Day Four of the STARDOM 5 Star Grand Prix saw the Goddesses of STARDOM Tag Team Titles defended as STARS battled STARS for the gold. Mayu Iwatani and Saki Kashima defended against Starlight Kid and Tam Nakano in a match that would leave you confused as to whether or not these four actually got along at all. They held nothing back as they kicked the hell out of each other all over the ring. Kid and Tam got things going early by jumping the champions before the bell but Saki and Mayu were quickly able to address this transgression and gain the advantage.

Mayu showcased a bit more of a cocky attitude from what I’ve seen of her so far in the 5*GP, working a little bit closer to a heel than anyone else in the match as she played with Starlight Kid and Tam at times. Tam and Kid had a couple of opportunities here where it looked like they were going to snatch the titles from the grasp of the champions, but in the end it was Mayu and Saki coming out on top. Despite a late-match rally from Kid, the champions caught her with a brutal top-rope splash, double-stomp, and Unprettier trifecta to put the Future of STARDOM Champion down for the count. Post-match, STARS reconciled their differences and posed together to end the show.

Rachael Ellering had a pretty disappointing and embarrassing performance against Konami for tournament points. Something set her off during the match and she began lashing out verbally at the referee and Konami as the action carried on. After picking up the win (which is disappointing in itself), Ellering got in Konami’s face with some more seemingly harsh words that weren’t fully picked up by the cameras. She looked visibly annoyed after the match before making her way to the back. Some bits and pieces I’ve read across the internet seem to indicate that, perhaps, Ellering had a problem with how hard Konami kicked her and stopped cooperating in a fit of rage. Just dumb. Ellering has been a stinker this whole tour so far and this does her no favors.

In the main event of tournament matches, Kagetsu delivered Utami Hayashishita her first loss. I think everybody is expecting big things from Utami at this point and this match showed why. Still a free agent in STARDOM’s land of factions, she held her own against the leader of Oedo Tai as she looked to remain the only undefeated wrestler in the tournament. Kagetsu was able to come out with the victory, and after the match Utami politely asked for another match in the future against the World of STARDOM Champion. Kagetsu let her know that if she was asking that politely, then she wasn’t ready to beat her yet. I’m already looking forward to the next meeting between these two.

Momo Watanabe was able to put Kelly Klein down with what is probably my favorite suplex of all-time (for now). Momo uses this half-nelson/pumphandle bridging suplex which brings the total of pumphandle moves that look good to 2 (joining Pentagon’s Penta Driver).  Day Four gave me the first Nicole Savoy match that I actively liked rather than it just being something that exists. Sadly for all Hazuki fans, the match saw Savoy earning two more points as she defeated the Oedo Tai member. Maybe it was following the Ellering debacle and wanting to make sure foreigners didn’t all look like big dumb babies, or maybe it was just good chemistry with Hazuki – either way, Savoy stood out here more than she has before and I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings next when she faces Mayu.

In a four-way tag team match, Jamie Hayter and Kimber Lee came out on top against Natsuko Tora and Jungle Kyona, Leo Onozaki and Ruaka, and Hanan and Shiki Shibusawa. Hayter picked up the pinfall on Leo after a Falcon Arrow in another fun and fast-paced multi-team battle. I enjoy these multi-team matches quite a bit as you get to see quite a bit from everybody in a pretty tight little package; it’s especially fun seeing the rookies in these situations as they really seem to hurl themselves steadfastly into the action in a different way than in a normal tag team match.

Finally, in what was the most fun match of the night (though best match honors go to the Goddesses match), Natsu Sumire pinned a returning AZM. The pre-match promos and most of the match itself were both filled with each wrestler shouting insults at one another (complete with on-screen captions – thanks, STARDOM!) which put this one on a whole other level from anything else on the card. Sumire is a real treasure and while her matches aren’t likely to compete for match of the year if you’re judging on workrate alone, every time she steps into the ring she brings something fun and different from anyone else on the roster. After the match, Oedo Tai continued to assault the Queen’s Quest members at ringside before escaping with the QQ flag – which they would return with later on in evening having defaced. Cruel!

The next show is coming from Shinkiba and will feature Hayter vs Hazuki, Mayu vs Savoy, and Kagetsu vs Kyona. That last one is bound to be fantastic. For now, let’s check the updated standings!

Red Stars Block

  • Jungle Kyona: 6
  • Kagetsu: 6
  • Utami Hayashishita: 4
  • Konami: 4
  • Rachael Ellering: 4
  • Tam Nakano: 2
  • Kimber Lee: 2
  • Natsuko Tora: 0

Blue Stars Block

  • Momo Watanabe: 6
  • Nicole Savoy: 6
  • Hazuki: 4
  • Kelly Klein: 4
  • Jamie Hayter: 4
  • Mayu Iwatani: 4
  • Saki Kashima: 2
  • Natsu Sumire: 2

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